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One-on-one class sessions are for people who prefer individual instruction. We understand that some people have challenging schedules. We also understand that some people may feel uncomfortable in a group setting, and prefer private instruction. One-on-one classes are provided to meet your individual preference.


One-on-One Class Sessions

Deaf Spiritual Unity (DSU) offers 1 hour one-on-one sessions for $75 per session.

Akashic Records


Lisa Hubble

Creative Visualization


Brian Determan

How to Communicate with Your Angels/Spirit Guides or

Life Chart/Soul Contracts


Tamara Miles

Psychic Development 101 or 102  


Tamara Miles

Intro to Meditation or Meditation II

Intro to Kabbalah or Kabblah II


Dr. Chris Reineck

Reading Cards

Angel Cards

Oracle Cards


Brian Leffler

Astral Travel/Astral Projection

Understanding Spiritual Dimensions


Lori Maynard

Crystal Grids

Gemstone and Crystals Care


Gina Swanson

Paranormal Investigations

101 or 102  


Tamara Miles


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