Meet Brian, Our DSU New Teacher!

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Brian Determan, Deaf since birth, has been into spirituality since 1980s.  During the summer break from RIT-NTID in 1985, he first discovered and learned about his intuition and spirituality through his late Deaf friend, who practiced Native American spirituality, in his hometown, Irving, Texas.  After he returned to RIT-NTID from the summer break, he felt compelled to sign up for a yoga class, which he was clueless about, but he did sign up anyway.  At the yoga class, he learned to meditate, and his self-confidence eventually skyrocketed.   Afterwards, during his time still at NTID, he watched Actress and New Age guru Shirley MacLaine’s original movie “Out On a Limb”, the five-hour ABC miniseries on TV, while he lived at the dormitory.  It was captioned.   He ended up being a hardcore fan of Shirley’s spiritual books.  Years later, Brian met and had a brief conversation with Shirley in person in Houston, Texas, and she learned from him that her movie was captioned.  

After his graduation from RIT-NTID on his 24th birthday in 1987, he became a student of Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment.  Eventually, he was among the first Deaf individuals, who founded a Deaf metaphysical group in Dallas, Texas in 1989, and he participated in Texas’ first Deaf metaphysical retreat in 1991.  He later studied A Course In Miracles (ACIM).   After Brian relocated to Houston, Texas in 1992, he joined Houston’s Deaf Metaphysical group and became a member of Unity Church.   Lastly, he has been a student of ECK teachings since 1996.

In 1991, while Brian lived at an apartment within Dallas’ LGBT community, he had his first out of body experience, where he approached the amazingly loving Light and first realized his spiritual hearing.  From there, he heard a most beautiful music.  Ever since, he has been receiving positively paranormal experiences numerous times.  

Brian was a chairperson of 2014 Deaf Spiritual Network’s second retreat, which is located in Austin, Texas, and he also was part of Deaf Spiritual Unity’s 2017 retreat planning committee, and he provided a workshop at the retreat on “Creative Visualization” in Sedona, Arizona.   He lives in Pflugerville, Texas, Austin’s northeastern suburb, along with his Deaf partner, Daniel, of 13 years and two precious cats. .

Spiritual Abilities:

  • Former DSU Admin

  • Empath

  • Clairaudient

  • Out of Body Experience (OBE)

  • Paranormal Experience

How did I get introduced to Deaf Spiritual Unity?

I was so honored when I was invited to Deaf Spiritual Unity by one of the administrators shortly after this group was created since they and I were acquainted with each other through the other Deaf spiritual group.  I accepted this invitation right away. 

Why did you decide to teach?

Professionally, I enjoy teaching by consulting or assisting employers, non profit organizations, private businesses, law enforcement agencies, and service providers in making their workplace or service readily available and accessible to an individual, who is Deaf, hard of hearing, or late-deafened as well as teaching Deaf and hard of hearing people to self-advocate for their communication access needs for more than 13 years.  In addition, I have been enjoyably serving Deaf, hard of hearing, DeafBlind, and late deafened individuals for more than 27 years.  Personally, spirituality is a big part of my life, and my loyal participation in Deaf Spiritual Unity eventually led me to be a presenter on “Creative Visualization” based on my own experiences at the group’s first retreat located in Sedona, Arizona in 2017.  Finally, I decide to teach in a spiritual field. 

How did you discover your spirituality?

While I grew up with a traditional religion that my supportive and loving family and childhood friends held, I secretly knew it did not fit me spiritually, but I didn't know what else to do.  Later, during my high school years, my World History Deaf teacher, who later revealed that she was into spirituality, mentioned reincarnation, which I unexpectedly found astonishingly fascinating.   I later experienced my inner voice and intuition, but I was clueless.  Eventually, this intuition led me to my older Deaf friend, who practiced Native American spirituality, and he enlightened me about my inner voice and intuition, before I finally discovered my spirituality filled with joy.  

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