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DSU Spiritual Teachers

  • DSU Founder Lisa.jpg

    Lisa Hubble

    DSU Founder & CEO

    Clairvoyant Medium

    Spiritual Teacher

    Past Life Abilities (certified in Akashic Records)

    Highly Intuitive

    Psychic Dreams

    Dowsing Rods/Pendulum Reading

    Near-Death Experience (NDE)

    Out of Body Experience (OBE)

  • 1.jpg

    Tamara Miles

    DSU Advisor

    Psychic Medium (Clairvoyant,

    Clairaudient and Clairsentient)

    Past Life Reader(certified in Akashic Records)

    Paranormal Investigator

  • DanMcClintock.jpeg

    Dan McClintock

    Dream Interpretation

    Dream interpretation and analysis

    Non-spiritual abilities: counseling 

  • RisaLewis.jpg

    Risa Lewis

    Reiki Master

    Spiritual Healing Practitioner including the vibrating tuning forks

    Medical Intuitive

    Reiki Master

    Tree Hugger

    Pendulum Reading

  • ChrisReineck.jpg

    Chris Reineck

    DSU Advisor & Spiritual Teacher

    PhD in Metaphysics from American Institute of Holistic Theology and University of Sedona


    Knowledge and interests including chakras, meditation, reiki, astral travel, yoga, and Kabbalah

  • MikeyKrajnak.jpg

    Mikey Krajnak

    DSU Admin

    Spiritual Teacher


    Oracle/Tarot Card Reading

    Green Thumb

  • Brian Berlinski

    Reiki Level II Practitioner

    Deaf Expressive Arts Event Producer

    Reiki Level II Practitioner

    Certified Transformational Mindset Coach

  • Jean Gordon.jpg

    Jean Gordon

    Feng Shui Expert & DSU Moderator

    Spiritual Teacher


    Feng Shui Expert

  • GinaSwanson.jpg

    Gina Swanson

    Life Coach

    Former DSU Admin

    Spiritual Teacher

    Holistic Energy Practitioner

    Reiki Master

    Oracle/Tarot Reading

  • 1.jpg

    Brian Determan

    Spiritual Teacher

    Former DSU Admin



    Out of Body Experience (OBE)

    Paranormal Experience

  • Lori Maynard.jpg

    Lori Maynard

    Spiritual Teacher

    Spiritual Teacher


    Ability Intuition

    Near-Death Experience (NDE)

    Astral Travel/Projection aka

    Out of Body Experience (OBE)

    Tree Whisper


  • BrianLeffler.JPG

    Brian Leffler

    Spiritual Teacher


    Oracle/Tarot(Angel) Card Reading

    Spiritual Teacher

    Green Thumb/Yoga/Ayurveda

    Laughing Angel

Meditation by the Sea

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