Let us prepare your heart for spiritual growth, healing & awakening.


We are excited to share a Deaf Spiritual Unity experience that will empower your soul. We have Deaf psychics, mediums, astrologers, channelers, and many other spiritual experts available to provide support. DSU offers online courses, private sessions, consultation, readings, and more. Deaf Spiritual Unity aims to ensure that sign language communication is accessible throughout all of our services.

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  • Online Courses

    DSU offers a variety of empowering online classes providing learning experiences for your soul - includes both webinars & workshops.

  • Sessions & Trainings

    DSU offers one-on-one sessions providing consultations and readings support from psychics, mediums,

     astrologers, channelers, and reiki healing practitioners. 

  • Our Teachers

    All DSU teams use American Sign Language to communicate with you to help you grow. Learn more about our spiritual teachers here.

What DSU Offers

Unlimited Possibilities

Enrich your life with unique and uplifting soul healing experiences in American Sign Language 

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Upcoming Online Classes

  • Psychic Development 102
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  • Akashic Records (Past Lives)
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  • Psychic Development 101
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  • How to Communicate with your Spirit Guides and Angels (Group#2) (1)
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  • Crystal Grids
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  • "What Is Your Life Purpose" Virtual Channeling Event
  • Akashic Records (Past Lives)
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Our Mission


Deaf Spiritual Unity (DSU) is a loving, supportive, and understanding community with a mission to provide spiritual education and healing to members of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Community. ASL and International signers are welcome.


We provide spiritual training, online classes, workshops, retreats, and mediumship shows all over the world.

What We do

Book with Us

1:1 Consultation 

An expert will help you communicate with the deepest parts of who you are. DSU offers private consultations and readings.

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1:1 Class Session 

An expert will help you communicate with the deepest parts of who you are. DSU offers private consultations and readings.

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