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    The Stars & Fate of America

    2021 Dragon Prediction

    Sat, July 25th

    3 pm-4:00 PM EST

    Webinar (Zoom Video)

    2020 a year of winds and fires, BLM, Covid-19, Former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin



    Britt Luneborg is a native Texan, born and raised in Dallas. After pursuing a successful artwork career in DC, He experienced shocking and impacted by the tragic attacks of Sept. 11. He started studying seriously about the field of metaphysics/astrology under a mentor at age 23, led to a change to career, and propelled his life in its present direction. Returning to Dallas, he worked as construction, remodeling, painting while building his astrological consulting business and the rest is history. He is convinced that much of his awareness across anyone who possesses unique cosmic identity talents can learn about the stars and his ability to access them, dates from those encounters. He now resides in Dallas, Texas where he is available for consultations.

    The presentation is not politically oriented but spiritual in nature. I'm here to reveal the secret of the stars and how it happened. Look at the chart of America. We are a Cancer nation. Cancer feeds and nurtures. America feeds the world. We even feed the civilian population of our "enemies or foreigners" however this year became reptiles’ effect, BLM movement, and worse without looking for their identity, the spirit, and God’s cosmic design.



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    Spirit Channeling with Connie Russert

    Sat, June 27th

    3 pm-4:30 PM EST

    Webinar (Zoom Video)

    A TV show interviewed over 600 channelers in the USA to select 3 for a program during which channelers would help people become more effective in their lives. Connie was selected as one of the 3. Connie spontaneously and unexpectedly discovered her gift of channeling in 1985. After going through a ‘Reluctant Channel’ and then a ‘Closet Channel’ stage, she quit her job as a college professor to emerge as a top-selling author, powerful international channel, and compelling retreat facilitator.

    Her Spirit Teachers, Paularyo, have provided insight and inspiration to thousands of people, including personalities in the entertainment industry. Clients report renewed enthusiasm, enhanced creativity, a peaceful sense of personal control, and a refined ability to realize their goals.

    Learn from this international channel and top-selling author, Connie Russert, and her Master Spirit Teachers, Paularyo.  Read More

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    Deaf Spiritual Unity is excited to offer two new classes called "Astral Travel/Astral Projection" with Lori Maynard.
    Please share away.

    Stay Safe and Healthy!

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    This is an opportunity to learn more about spirituality online and help us understand who we are and our abilities.

    We will expand more classes coming for the late spring and summer.

  • Deaf Spiritual Unity is excited to share the news that DSU is expanding more online classes for May and June. We have a wonderful team of Deaf/HoH teachers who will teach these unique classes.

    Please feel free to click on the picture on the left side to explore these classes in the flyers.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Lisa at

    Hope to see you there!


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