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Soul Awakening
We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
~Pierre Tailhard de Chardin


JUNE 2014- Deaf Spiritual Unity founded by Lisa Hubble (Founder) and Alycia Bonvouloir (Co-Founder).

AUGUST 2014- DSU formed administration: Lisa Hubble, Cindy Foley, Gina Swanson, Carla Mystic, Ellie Kidder, and Alycia Bonvouloir

SEPT 2014- DSU launched a page on Facebook

2015- Danijela (Lala) Trantchenberg and Brian Determan joined the DSU Administration.

2016- Janet Bronner, Erin Manning, Tamara Miles joined DSU Administration. 1st DSU Retreat meeting in NY. Lisa Hubble, Danijela Trantchenberg, Erin Manning, Janet Bronner, Cindy Foley, Alycia Bonvouloir, and Brian Determan.

2017- Rosemary DiSiervi joined the DSU Administration.

OCT 20-22, 2017- First DSU Retreat was held in Sedona, Arizona.  

2018- Lynda Carscadden, Elizabeth Haney, Cristina Cancio, Chris Charbonneau, and Chris Reineck joined the DSU administration. 

NOV 2-4, 2018- 1st Regional East Coast DSU Conference was held in Columbia, Maryland.

FEB 8-10, 2019- 2nd Regional West Coast DSU Conference was held in Riverside, California

2019- DSU expanded DSU advisors and moderators for the Facebook page. DSU Advisors: Tamara Miles, and Chris Reineck. Lauren Good and Mikey Krajnak joined as Admins. Carl Rex, Lan Ngo, Candace Kay, Debbie Ray Colbert, Dominique Westbrook, and Jean Gordon joined as moderators. 

APRIL 2020- DSU launched Online Classes due to Covid-19 Pandemic. 


DSU Conferences/Retreats are CLOSED due to the COVID 19 pandemic. We will start the retreats when the pandemic ends. We will be in touch. 


Retreat Features


Experience this popular retreat to help you discover who you are w/ spiritual guidance.


DSU teams help you know yourself, discover your life purpose & connect to your soul.


Beyond DSU retreats will not only provide social activities and allow you to meet new people.


DSU retreats offer the guidance and inspiration that you need for spiritual growth.


Every person needs a retreat sometime—to replenish the soul and renew life's focus.


Offers fun affirmations activities into your exercise routine. ... creativity, playfulness, polarities.

Meditation by the Sea

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